Marketing Analytics Consulting

Drive Customer-Centric Decision Making for Growth

Is true Precision Marketing really possible? Absolutely. With a digital analytics agency offering round-the-clock support by your side, you can now, more precisely, calculate customer sentiment, correctly spot new trends, or use data-centric research to increase brand or product awareness on a continuing basis.

At Addlead Digital, we build a better, stronger marketing operation for clients like you by combining sound marketing principles with the latest advancements in Big Data and data science. Our proprietary marketing analytics service is a cutting-edge market evaluation methodology with a big-picture focus: it helps you understand the past, calculate where you are now, and then more accurately forecast a growing, prosperous future.

Addlead Digital’ Marketing Analytics Practice was conceived and developed by our team of data scientists with deep business intelligence and marketing analytics experience. Our marketing analytics consultants partner with your marketing team to plan, design and implement a marketing analytics program within a sustainable data-driven environment, providing ongoing service and support to promote better performance, efficiency and more nimble responses to changing dynamics.

Our practice’s focus areas include, but are not limited to, determining:

  • Market size, forecasts, trends, and segments
  • Brand awareness, preference, and loyalty rates
  • Pricing and purchase dynamics
  • Product/ service concerns

Towards that end, our marketing analytics service leverages the best market assessment tools to gain insights from:

  • Segmentation analysis
  • Statistical regression analysis
  • Social network analysis
  • Machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Trend/ time-series econometrics
  • Customer-level profit analysis
  • Potential assessment and planned migration
  • Scenario/ Sensitivity modeling

Because this service is ongoing, our marketing analytics involves periodic evaluations to measure effectiveness, with improvements and adaptations as necessary to maintain viability. Not only that, you can also opt for our Competitive Intelligence service. This companion service further boosts these marketing analytics by measuring how clients’ businesses compete against competition in terms of organizational structure, products, pricing, and marketing strategies.

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