IT Consulting

Technology is key to the future and IT is no longer a support function. Addlead Digital Consulting will guide your company to set your IT strategy and prepare your organization to adopt new technologies.

IT Strategy: With our expertise in both business and technology, Addlead Digital’s consultants will help you align technology investments to your business strategy and drive top-line growth while maximizing value as you bring your strategy to life.

IT Governance and Methodologies: With as many assets as you have tied up in technology, don’t you want to know what’s working and what’s not? Oftentimes clients ask us to provide an objective third-party view of existing technologies or in-flight projects.

Cybersecurity Consulting: Our IT security consultants can provide information and cybersecurity consulting services to protect your organization from intentional and unintentional harm from evolving threats.

Analytics Technologies: With advances in technology, there is no shortage in data. Activate analytics technologies and capabilities throughout your organization to drive competitive advantage.

M&A Systems Integration: Marrying two organizations is a tricky proposition but aligning processes and systems don’t have to be the bottleneck. We help companies from the earliest stages of planning to the final cutover.

Vendor Selection and Advisory: Because we understand your industry, Addlead Digital can help provide an independent, pragmatic, and thoughtful approach to sifting through the hype and matching a solution to your unique challenges.

Implementation Services: Addlead Digital is a leading systems implementations partner for enterprise solutions and best in class solutions for life sciences, consumer products and retail companies.

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